Elevate Your Brand with an Exclusive Times Square Outdoor Advertising Package

New York, NY. November 30, 2023 / Mediamark Digital / PR to SKY, a trailblazer in cutting-edge advertising solutions, is delighted to unveil an unparalleled Times Square Outdoor Advertising Package that guarantees to skyrocket your brand’s visibility. For a limited time, businesses can secure a coveted spot on the iconic Times Square monitor, ensuring maximum […]

InMerge Innovation Summit 2023: A Confluence of Visionaries, Innovators, and Game-Changers in Baku

Baku, Azerbaijan. November 29, 2023 / Mediamark Digital / The InMerge Innovation Summit 2023, set to take place in the vibrant city of Baku, Azerbaijan, on November 30 – December 1, promises to be a dynamic gathering of visionaries, startups, corporates, and thought leaders from various industries. With an impressive lineup of keynote speakers, panel […]

Exploring the Future: Insights from the Drug & Medical Device Litigation Conference 2023

New York, NY. November 28, 2023 / Mediamark Digital / As the legal landscape surrounding drug and medical device litigation continues to evolve, legal professionals, industry experts, and in-house counsel are gearing up for the highly anticipated Drug & Medical Device Litigation event scheduled for December 5–6, 2023, at the NY Marriott Marquis in New […]

“No Waste No Hunger” Project: From Inception to International Collaboration

December 2022: Mediamark Digital Initiates a Global Movement In December 2022, Mediamark Digital, under the visionary leadership of CEO Orkhan Rzayev, launched the “No Waste No Hunger” project with Gupari Bayramova, Founder of Agromix Company. This ambitious initiative aimed to tackle the alarming global issues of food waste and hunger, setting the stage for a […]

Times Square Advertising on a Budget: Mediamark Digital’s Growth-Hack Revolution

In the heart of the bustling metropolis, where the city never sleeps, Times Square stands as a global symbol of vibrancy and energy. Amidst the dazzling lights and towering billboards, Mediamark Digital emerges as the maestro orchestrating an advertising symphony like never before. Times Square: A Global Canvas for Brands Times Square is not merely […]