Exploring the Future: Insights from the Drug & Medical Device Litigation Conference 2023

New York, NY. November 28, 2023 / Mediamark Digital /

As the legal landscape surrounding drug and medical device litigation continues to evolve, legal professionals, industry experts, and in-house counsel are gearing up for the highly anticipated Drug & Medical Device Litigation event scheduled for December 5–6, 2023, at the NY Marriott Marquis in New York City. This two-day conference promises to deliver in-depth breakout sessions, cutting-edge discussions on Artificial Intelligence (AI), and an exploration of global developments affecting product liability litigation.

What’s New for 2023:

1. Two Days of In-Depth Breakout Sessions:
With 20 main conference sessions, this year’s event is designed to provide attendees with enhanced learning opportunities. These sessions aim to deliver critical information on the most pressing topics in drug and medical device litigation, ensuring participants gain valuable insights to navigate the complexities of the field.

2. Marquee Focus Sessions on Artificial Intelligence:
In an era where technology is rapidly transforming industries, the event will host advanced discussions on the product liability risks associated with AI usage in drug and device development. Attendees will also explore the opportunities and perils of AI-assisted legal representation, shedding light on the intersection of law and technology.

3. Spotlight on Proposed New Rule 16.1:
Seasoned MDL practitioners will illuminate how the newly proposed Federal Rules of Civil Procedure (FRCP) 16.1 is set to transform the future of multidistrict litigation (MDL) case management. This session promises to provide a comprehensive understanding of the implications and potential shifts in MDL practices.

4. MDL Case Studies – 2023 Edition:
Participants will have the opportunity to delve into an assessment of the year’s most significant and complex MDLs. Lessons learned from cases such as Tylenol, Zantac, and Exactech will be explored, offering valuable insights into the nuances and challenges faced in these high-profile litigations.

5. Broadening Horizons: A Global Outlook on Drug & Device Product Liability Litigation:
The event will feature an exploration of critical international developments impacting drug and device product liability litigation in foreign jurisdictions. Attendees will gain a broader perspective on the global landscape, understanding the various factors influencing litigation beyond national borders.

Event Highlights:

  • 400+ Attendees:
    The event is expected to draw a diverse audience of over 400 legal professionals, industry experts, and in-house counsel, creating a vibrant environment for networking and knowledge exchange.
  • 20+ Revamped Panel Discussions:
    A lineup of revamped panel discussions will facilitate in-depth conversations on key issues, providing attendees with a comprehensive understanding of the latest trends and challenges in drug and medical device litigation.
  • 65+ Speakers:
    With a roster of more than 65 speakers, including 25+ in-house counsel from industry-leading companies, the event promises a wealth of expertise and diverse perspectives from thought leaders in the field.
  • 3 Days of Networking:
    The conference will provide ample opportunities for collaboration and networking. Attendees can connect with peers from industry, private practice, and government, fostering valuable relationships and collaborations.

Pre-Conference Workshops:

WORKSHOP A: MDL Defense Strategy War Room
December 4, 2023, 9:00 am – 12:30 pm

This workshop will focus on developing a tactical toolkit for managing unique MDL challenges and combating meritless claims, providing participants with practical strategies to enhance their defense approaches.

WORKSHOP B: 3C’s Working Group: Advisory Board Edition
December 4, 2023, 1:30 – 5:00 pm

Esteemed members of the Drug and Med Advisory Board will share their insights on the “Three C’s” – Cost, Competency, and Communication. Attendees will gain valuable perspectives on the expectations of law firm partners in relation to these critical aspects.

The Drug & Medical Device Litigation event in December 2023 promises to be a pivotal gathering for legal professionals seeking to stay at the forefront of developments in the field. From AI discussions to global perspectives, attendees can expect a comprehensive and insightful exploration of the challenges and opportunities shaping the future of drug and medical device litigation.

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