“No Waste No Hunger” Project: From Inception to International Collaboration

December 2022: Mediamark Digital Initiates a Global Movement

In December 2022, Mediamark Digital, under the visionary leadership of CEO Orkhan Rzayev, launched the “No Waste No Hunger” project with Gupari Bayramova, Founder of Agromix Company. This ambitious initiative aimed to tackle the alarming global issues of food waste and hunger, setting the stage for a transformative movement. From the outset, the project garnered attention for its innovative approach, intending to leverage the influence of global ambassadors to create widespread awareness about the importance of reducing waste.

October 2023: A Pinnacle Event at the Mexican Ambassador’s Residence

Fast forward to October 2023, and the “No Waste No Hunger” project reached a pinnacle moment with an impactful event hosted at the residence of Mrs. Victoria Romero, the Mexican Ambassador to Azerbaijan. In collaboration with Mediamark.Digital, the event served as a testament to the growing momentum and international support for the cause.

Distinguished attendees included ambassadors from Austria, Egypt, Jordan, and Greece, along with the Deputy Ambassador of Hungary and a UN representative. The event served as a platform for global collaboration, uniting influential figures from diverse backgrounds under the common goal of addressing food waste and global hunger.

Project Ambassadors Taking the Lead

The heart of the “No Waste No Hunger” project lies in its collaboration with influential ambassadors from around the world. Figures like Lauren Marie Sesselmann, Youssef Essawy, Gulpari Bayramova, Yohanis Gebreyesus and Victoria Romero have lent their voices to this crucial cause. These ambassadors, each with their unique reach and influence, play a pivotal role in spreading the message of waste reduction and sustainable living.

Gratitude and Acknowledgment

During the event at the Mexican Ambassador’s residence, heartfelt gratitude was extended to the Embassy of Mexico in Azerbaijan, the dedicated team at Mediamark, and all the esteemed guests who contributed to the success of the initiative. The collaborative effort showcased the power of international cooperation in addressing global challenges.

A Call to Action: Addressing the Alarming Disparities

The stark statistics on global food waste and hunger continue to serve as a poignant reminder of the urgent need for action. With an annual global food waste exceeding 1 trillion dollars, the potential to feed 2 billion people remains untapped. Simultaneously, 828 million people grapple with the harsh reality of hunger.

“No Waste No Hunger” is not merely a project; it’s a call to action. The initiative seeks to educate, inspire, and drive change at both individual and systemic levels. Through the collective efforts of global ambassadors and the support of organizations like Mediamark Digital, the project aims to create a lasting impact on the way society views and addresses these critical issues.

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