Wolves Summit CEE: A Successful Event for the Innovation and Digital Development Agency of Azerbaijan (IDDA)

On May 8-9, the Wolves Summit CEE was held in Warsaw, and we had the honor of participating in this significant event. Wolves Summit CEE is a global networking event that brings together startups, investors, and corporations. This event serves as a platform for discussing innovative ideas and projects, creating opportunities for future development and collaboration.

The Investment and Ecosystem Support Department of the Innovation and Digital Development Agency of Azerbaijan (IDDA) was represented by its head, Agahuseyn Ahmadov, who delivered a keynote speech titled “Innovating Backwards: The Misguided Steps You Need to Avoid.” In his speech, Agahuseyn Ahmadov discussed the challenges and common missteps in the field of innovation, emphasizing the correct paths to follow. He also highlighted the success stories of Azerbaijani startups as examples.

This year, three Azerbaijani startups—Dosty Petcare, Hepard, and Glorri, Inc.—were represented at the Wolves Summit CEE with the support of the IDDA. These startups attracted attention with their innovative projects, capturing the interest of international investors and experts.

Dosty’s Impressive Success

During the event, the Dosty startup won the “Startup Terrace Award” during the pitching session. This victory provides Dosty with the opportunity to enter the Asian market and engage in various meetings with the local ecosystem.

Dosty is a mobile application designed to care for pets. Users can ask any question through the mobile app to understand the difficulties their little friend is experiencing. The startup, co-founded and led by CEO Ayaz Ahmadov, made a significant impression at the Wolves Summit in Poland, winning the Startup Terrace Award. Dosty facilitates the experience of pet care by providing expert opinions, immediate symptom assessments, daily routine management, and advice on the health and behavior of pets. Users can clarify the difficulties their pets are facing by asking any question through the mobile application.

Besides Dosty, two other Azerbaijani startups, Glorri and Hepard, also participated in the Wolves Summit with the support of the Innovation and Digital Development Agency of Azerbaijan (IDDA).

Glorri, Inc. is an innovative startup focused on providing smart recruitment solutions. The platform leverages artificial intelligence and machine learning to match candidates with job opportunities more effectively. This technology not only saves time for employers but also ensures that candidates find roles that are best suited to their skills and experiences.

During the Wolves Summit, Glorri, Inc. showcased its unique approach to recruitment, attracting the attention of various international investors and potential partners. The startup’s ability to innovate in the recruitment space demonstrates the dynamic potential of Azerbaijani technology companies on the global stage.

Hepard is a logistics and delivery startup that aims to revolutionize the delivery industry with its cutting-edge technology and efficient solutions. The platform offers a seamless delivery experience, ensuring that businesses can meet their logistical needs with precision and reliability.

At the Wolves Summit, Hepard presented its innovative logistics solutions, highlighting how its technology can enhance the delivery process for businesses of all sizes. The startup’s presentation was well-received, drawing interest from investors looking to support the next big thing in logistics technology.

The Impact of IDDA’s Support

The participation of Azerbaijani startups in the Wolves Summit CEE was made possible by the support of the Innovation and Digital Development Agency of Azerbaijan (IDDA). This support is crucial for fostering innovation and enabling Azerbaijani startups to compete on a global level. The agency’s efforts to provide a platform for these startups to showcase their innovations and connect with international investors and partners are instrumental in their growth and success.

The Wolves Summit CEE has proven to be a valuable opportunity for Azerbaijani startups to gain exposure, network with key players in the industry, and secure potential investments. The success of Dosty, Glorri, and Hepard at this event underscores the vibrant startup ecosystem in Azerbaijan and the potential for these companies to make a significant impact on the global stage.

The Wolves Summit CEE was a resounding success for the Innovation and Digital Development Agency of Azerbaijan (IDDA) and the Azerbaijani startups it supported. The event highlighted the innovative capabilities of Azerbaijani entrepreneurs and their readiness to compete and collaborate on an international level. With continued support from the IDDA, these startups are well-positioned to achieve further success and contribute to the global innovation landscape.

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