Web Summit 2023: The World’s Meeting Place for Innovation

New York, NY. October 6, 2023 / Mediamark Digital /

Web Summit, often dubbed “the world’s premier tech conference” by Politico, has consistently delivered an exceptional platform for networking, learning, and exploring the latest trends in the tech world. In 2023, from November 13th to 16th, over 70,000 professionals, innovators, and thought leaders will gather in Lisbon to engage in a four-day extravaganza of ideas and innovation.

The event is hosted by a Dublin-based company and has expanded its footprint globally, organizing similar conferences in Rio de Janeiro, Doha, Toronto, and Hong Kong. The Web Summit brand has become synonymous with innovation and excellence, attracting attendees from 160+ countries and maintaining a strong representation of women in tech with 42% female attendees.

Web Summit’s appeal is built on three pillars:

1. Incredible Speakers: The conference consistently attracts a diverse lineup of over 1,000 speakers from various fields. From industry titans to emerging startups, the speakers bring fresh perspectives and groundbreaking ideas to the forefront.

2. Unparalleled Networking: Networking opportunities at Web Summit are unparalleled. As CGTN notes, it brings together individuals and companies that are redefining the global tech industry. It’s a place to forge meaningful connections, seek advice, and discover potential business partners.

3. Learning and Development: In a rapidly evolving tech landscape, upskilling is crucial. Web Summit offers a rich array of educational content, masterclasses, and roundtables that empower attendees to bring valuable skills back to their workplaces. As Inc. Magazine aptly puts it, the conference “inspires and empowers attendees” through its content.

A Global Conclave of Minds

Web Summit is more than just a conference; it’s a cultural and intellectual phenomenon. It takes place on the vibrant streets of Lisbon but extends its influence far beyond, connecting minds and reshaping industries worldwide. Siemens, Intel Corporation, Google, Toptal, Shell, ApexBrasil, Amazon Web Services, Startup Portugal, Lisboa Unicorn Capital, Dubai Department of Economy and Tourism, IBM, Stripe, Console Connect, EDP, Monsha’at, Romanian Association for Electronic and Software Industry (ARIES), European Patent Office, ITA-ITALIAN TRADE AGENCY, European Investment Bank Group – These are some of the esteemed partners that contribute to the richness and diversity of Web Summit 2023, helping to create an event that is both enlightening and transformative.

Diverse Speaker Lineup

The heart of Web Summit is undoubtedly its speaker lineup, featuring over 1,000 speakers from various fields. Here are some of the notable speakers who will grace the stage at Web Summit 2023:

  • Dario Amodei – Co-founder & CEO, Anthropic
  • Garry Tan – CEO & President, Y Combinator
  • Amy Poehler – Comedian
  • Assaf Rappaport – Co-founder & CEO, Wiz
  • António Costa – Prime Minister, Government of Portugal
  • Kelsey Szot – Co-founder, Adept
  • Aidan Gomez – Co-founder & CEO, Cohere
  • Gillian Anderson – Actress
  • Nick Clegg – President of Global Affairs, Meta
  • Alicia Garza – Founder / Co-creator, Black Futures Lab / Black Lives Matter Global Network
  • Robert Habeck – Vice Chancellor, Germany
  • Reshma Sohoni – Co-founder & Managing Partner, Seedcamp
  • Jay Graber – CEO, Bluesky
  • Andrey Khusid – Founder & CEO, Miro
  • Ori Goshen – Co-founder & Co-CEO, AI21 Labs
  • Soo-yeon Choi – CEO, NAVER
  • Keith Peiris – Co-founder & CEO, Tome
  • Christina Cacioppo – Co-founder & CEO, Vanta
  • Sophia Kianni – Founder & Climate Activist, Climate Cardinals
  • Victor Riparbelli – Co-founder & CEO, Synthesia
  • Morena Baccarin – Actor and Ambassador, International Rescue Committee
  • Ravi Gupta – Partner, Sequoia Capital
  • Sir Tim Berners-Lee – Co-founder & CTO / Inventor, Inrupt / World Wide Web
  • Jennifer Li – Partner, Andreessen Horowitz
  • Albert Wenger – Managing Partner, Union Square Ventures
  • Olugbenga Agboola – Co-founder & CEO, Flutterwave
  • Kassandra Pop – Founder & CEO, Hive Social
  • Kuo Zhang – CEO, Alibaba.com
  • Cameron Adams – Co-founder & Chief Product Officer, Canva
  • Will Gaybrick – President of Product & Business, Stripe
  • Carlos Moedas – Mayor, City of Lisbon
  • Aspa Lekka – Co-founder and COO, Jokr
  • Tony Fadell – Principal, Build Collective
  • Patrice Evra – Professional Footballer & Investor
  • Marshmello – DJ & Producer
  • Emma Chamberlain – Founder, Chamberlain Coffee
  • Dominic Thiem – Professional Tennis Player & Tech Investor
  • Stephanie Mehta – CEO & Chief Content Officer, Mansueto Ventures
  • Pär-Jörgen Pärson – General Partner, Northzone
  • Karen Tso – Squawk Box Anchor, CNBC
  • Philippe Botteri – Partner, Accel
  • Divya Gokulnath – Co-founder, Byju’s
  • Vanessa Stock – Co-founder & Chief People Officer, Pitch
  • Taylor Lorenz – Technology Columnist, The Washington Post
  • Nick Thompson – CEO, The Atlantic
  • Mary D’Onofrio – Partner, Bessemer Venture Partners
  • Eileen Burbidge – Director, Fertifa
  • Ole Obermann – Global Head of Music, TikTok
  • Helle Thorning-Schmidt – Former Prime Minister, Denmark

These diverse voices will offer insights into the ever-evolving landscape of technology, entrepreneurship, and societal challenges, making Web Summit 2023 an event not to be missed.

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