Victory Day of Azerbaijan has been featured at the Billboard in Times Square, New York City

In a striking showcase of national pride and celebration, the Victory Day of Azerbaijan recently garnered special attention at the bustling Times Square in New York.

The prominent billboard, a prominent fixture in the iconic location, proudly bore the proclamation “November 8 – Victory Day of Azerbaijan!” This noteworthy display, made possible through the collaborative efforts of the Permanent Mission of the Republic of Azerbaijan to the UN and the Azerbaijan-American Youth Federation (AAYF), not only served as a commemoration but also as a visual testament to the nation’s rich cultural heritage.

Featuring the map of the Republic of Azerbaijan alongside the revered symbol of Garabagh – the exquisite Khari Bulbul, the billboard encapsulated the essence of Azerbaijan’s history and triumph, resonating with both local spectators and the diverse array of visitors to Times Square.

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