SANGRIA FEST: Discover Innovation and Elegance with MUTFAKÇI

On December 26th, MUTFAKÇI Design Center will host the exclusive “Sangria Fest,” a celebration of design, culture, and culinary excellence in Baku, Azerbaijan.

Innovation Partners: ALVIC and Neolith

MUTFAKÇI proudly collaborates with industry leaders ALVIC and Neolith.

ALVIC, a renowned Spanish company with a global footprint, stands as a leader in the production and distribution of top-tier panels and furniture components for the furniture and decoration industry. Operating in over 100 countries across all five continents, ALVIC has introduced cutting-edge technologies like LUXE, ZÉNIT, and SYNCRON that have set new standards in the market.

Neolith, another esteemed partner in this grand affair, transforms kitchens into personalized sanctuaries. More than just a room for culinary endeavors, a kitchen adorned with Neolith becomes a unique space that reflects the individuality of its owner. The extraordinary performance of Neolith surfaces, coupled with their unmatched versatility and resistance, catapults the act of cooking to new heights. Imagine a kitchen where creativity knows no bounds, and every day feels like a culinary adventure.

A Multisensory Experience

Sangria Fest promises a fusion of Fasad Fashion, Spanish traditions, and delectable treats. The event showcases the synergy of tradition and innovation, making it an insightful exploration of design and culinary arts. As Sangria Fest unfolds, witness the convergence of elegance and innovation. Stay tuned for an extraordinary showcase highlighting the best in design and culinary arts at MUTFAKÇI.

Mutfakçı is an Azerbaijani company that commenced its operations in 2010. With 13 years of experience, it has established itself as a leader in the field specializing in the production and sale of furniture and interior solutions. The company has sales points in Baku and various regions, catering to a diverse clientele. Mutfakçı is not only dedicated to crafting custom kitchen furniture but also offers a range of designs for guest rooms, bedrooms, bathroom furnishings, and interior doors. Today, the company continues to provide personalized and high-quality solutions to meet various interior design needs.

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