SABAH.HUB and White Hill Capital Launch Joint Fund to Fuel Regional Startup Growth

New York, NY. November 4, 2023 / Mediamark Digital /

SABAH.HUB Innovation Center and the management company of the “White Hill Capital” venture capital fund have recently joined forces to launch a joint fund aimed at propelling the growth of startups in Central Asia, Turkey, MENA, and the Caucasus. The collaboration, underpinned by a memorandum of cooperation, is set to inject up to 30 million dollars into the burgeoning startup ecosystem, nurturing entrepreneurial talent and driving innovation across these dynamic regions.

This strategic partnership reflects a shared commitment to fostering a conducive environment for startup success, leveraging the untapped potential of these emerging markets. As the collaborative efforts gain momentum, industry stakeholders and aspiring entrepreneurs are eagerly anticipating the transformative impact of this joint fund, poised to redefine the startup landscape and ignite a wave of innovation across borders. Stay tuned for the latest updates as this pioneering joint fund initiative unfolds, heralding a new era of entrepreneurial dynamism and technological advancement.

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