Jiani Luo: Championing Visible Minority and Asian Businesses in the American Market

Jiani Luo’s leadership journey is a compelling tale of innovation, empathy, and strategic acumen. As a leader in the marketing industry, she has made remarkable strides, especially in nurturing and elevating Visible Minority and Asian businesses in the competitive landscape of the U.S. market. This focus reflects not only her professional expertise but also her commitment to diversity and inclusion.

Starting with her academic pursuits that spanned from Shanghai to New York, Jiani has always been poised for leadership. After earning a Bachelor’s degree from Shanghai Normal University, she pursued a Master’s degree in Marketing at Pace University, followed by a Master’s in Project Management at New York University. These academic accomplishments laid a strong foundation for her understanding of both global markets and the nuances of project execution.

Jiani’s professional journey in America began at Ogilvy & Mather Group, where she worked with a roster of prestigious clients like Shiseido, TUDOR, and Unilever, managing projects that spanned various cultural contexts and market dynamics. Her experiences at Ogilvy, coupled with her subsequent role at Ruder Finn, sharpened her skills in cross-cultural marketing, making her a pivotal figure in campaigns that resonated deeply with diverse consumer bases.

In 2018, she joined Growth B&M, a marketing consultancy based in New York City. The firm specializes in assisting small and mid-sized businesses, with a special emphasis on local businesses and e-commerce. Under her leadership, Growth B&M has become a beacon for Visible Minority and Asian businesses striving to establish themselves in the U.S. Jiani’s approach—characterized by her “explosive product methodology”—includes detailed demand analysis, altruistic positioning, and targeted channel optimization, which have proven essential for businesses looking to make an impact.

One of her notable initiatives is the viral marketing campaign “I Love My Culture” for the WEI Beauty brand. This campaign, aimed at the overseas Asian community, not only boosted brand visibility but also empowered the community by reinforcing cultural pride and supporting public welfare initiatives during the pandemic. Such campaigns under Jiani’s guidance have shown her unique ability to weave cultural sensitivity with brand goals, fostering a sense of belonging and empowerment among consumers.

Jiani’s efforts extend beyond marketing campaigns. She actively supports public welfare programs and cultural events, enhancing her community’s social fabric and supporting public services like New York University Hospital. These efforts underscore her commitment to social responsibility and her ability to integrate it with corporate objectives.

Her leadership style is characterized by a focus on collaboration and empathy, drawing on her diverse team’s strengths to innovate and execute strategies effectively. The team, mainly composed of NYU graduates, brings a mix of fresh ideas and rigorous analytical skills, all harmonized by Jiani’s experienced hand.

The recognition Jiani has received—including being named one of Forbes China’s Globalization Innovators Top 30 in 2023, receiving the Global Recognition Awards in 2024, and her recent induction into Marquis Who’s Who—attests to her influence and success in the field. These accolades not only highlight her professional achievements but also her role as a mentor and leader to the next generation of marketers.

Through her work, Jiani Luo continues to demonstrate that effective leadership and a commitment to diversity can drive not just business success but also meaningful societal impact. Her journey is a blueprint for aspiring leaders looking to make a difference in today’s global market.

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