Holberton School Azerbaijan: Your Gateway to Silicon Valley’s Tech Excellence

Baku, Azerbaijan. 5 JULY 2024- Mediamark Digital

Holberton School Network provides high-quality technological programs with innovative and practical methodologies in the ICT field, based in Silicon Valley. Sponsored by PAŞA Holding Group of Companies and initiated by the Innovation and Digital Development Agency, the prestigious Holberton School Network operates in Azerbaijan.

Unique opportunities and educational conditions are created for both young people and those wishing to change their profession. The methodology and educational materials are accessible to everyone, designed to teach how to learn.

The curriculum is delivered through a peer-to-peer learning model, allowing students to work in a team-based environment and effectively grasp the program through interaction with other students. Holberton School equips its students with both technical and soft skills, preparing them for success in the professional world. Graduates quickly achieve success in the expanding technology industry and rise to leadership positions in various companies.

Holberton School also offers its platform to companies, allowing them to tailor it to their needs and invest in team development. Currently, the school operates in 34 cities across 22 countries, offering programs such as Foundation, Full Stack, Machine Learning, and AI.

Recognizing the growing demand, the school is preparing to move to a new, larger, and better-equipped campus, providing students with a more comfortable and convenient learning environment. The school is determined to offer more extensive programs in the future and become a central IT hub in the country.

Holberton School Azerbaijan serves as a HUB among neighboring and regional countries, with plans to expand the globally renowned school to the Caucasus, Central Asia, and the Middle East, enhancing its strategic importance in the region.

Lastly, Holberton School Azerbaijan collaborates with Mediamark Digital Marketing Center on marketing, PR, and event organization, contributing significantly to the country’s ecosystem. This partnership enables Holberton School Azerbaijan to participate in significant events both domestically and internationally, with a commitment to continuing impactful initiatives in the future.

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