GameSummit Winter 2023: Uniting Gaming Enthusiasts in Baku

Baku, Azerbaijan. December 3, 2023 / Mediamark Digital /

On December 9, the gaming community in Baku is gearing up for an electrifying experience as the Flame Towers Hotel, also known as the Fairmont Baku Hotel, transforms into the epicenter of digital culture for GameSummit Winter 2023. This one-day extravaganza promises to be a melting pot of diverse interests, combining gaming, e-sports, cosplay, K-pop, indie games, tabletop role-playing games, VR, Blockchain, NFT, and more. With a rock concert featuring local bands, K-pop dancing, a spectacular light show, and a whopping total prize fund of 5000 manats, GameSummit Winter is poised to surpass its predecessor’s success.

Previous Success

The inaugural GameSummit event, which took place on June 11, was a resounding success, drawing over 3.5 thousand attendees and more than 70 companies. The event quickly became a highlight for local gamers and computer culture enthusiasts, establishing itself as a must-attend gathering in Baku. The overwhelmingly positive response from the community paved the way for the winter edition, promising an even more immersive and entertaining experience.

What to Expect

GameSummit Winter 2023 is set to build upon the success of its predecessor, offering attendees a diverse array of activities and entertainment. From engaging in e-sports competitions to exploring indie game showcases, experiencing cutting-edge VR demonstrations, and participating in tabletop role-playing games, there’s something for every gaming enthusiast.

The event’s lineup also includes a rock concert featuring talented local bands, adding a dynamic musical element to the gaming celebration. K-pop fans will be treated to vibrant dance performances, and a spectacular light show will illuminate the venue, creating an immersive atmosphere for all attendees.

Prizes and Gifts

One of the highlights of GameSummit Winter is the generous prize pool of 5000 manats, offering participants the chance to walk away with exciting rewards. Whether you’re a competitive gamer, a cosplay enthusiast, or simply attending to soak in the vibrant atmosphere, the allure of valuable prizes adds an extra layer of excitement to the event.

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