From RoboSkills to Texas Triumph: The Robo-Force Team’s Journey to Glory

Baku, Azerbaijan. December 12, 2023 – Mediamark Digital

In the dynamic world of robotics and technological innovation, the Robo-Force Team from Azerbaijan has been making waves, showcasing their prowess in competitions worldwide. Comprising three talented individuals, Araz Chiragov, Erkam Masiyev, and Fatih Emchiyev, the team has consistently demonstrated exceptional skills and dedication to their craft. This article highlights their remarkable journey, particularly their participation in the STEAM Azerbaijan Festival (SAF) 2023.

Team Members

The Robo-Force Team is a trio of young minds, each contributing unique talents to the group. Araz Chiragov and Fatih Emchiyev study at the Republic Humanitarian Gymnasium named after S.C Pishavar, while Erkam Masiyev pursues his education in a humanitarian-oriented high school. With ages ranging around 15 years, these individuals bring a blend of creativity, technical acumen, and a passion for robotics to the table.

Adding to the team’s strength is Aylin Masiyeva, a 17-year-old student at a humanitarian high school. Serving as both a motivator and mentor, Aylin plays a crucial role in guiding and inspiring her teammates.

Past Achievements

The team’s journey began with a notable victory at SAF 2022, where they clinched the top spot in the RoboSkills category, securing the coveted trophy. Subsequently, they were honored with the “Best of The Best” award, recognizing their exceptional skills in robotics. Building on this success, the team ventured to Kazakhstan for the “Digital Almaty” competition, where they not only secured the first position but also bagged the ‘Sportsmanship‘ award. These accomplishments not only propelled them to the forefront of the Azerbaijani robotics scene but also caught the attention of the international community.

Their outstanding performance in the Azerbaijani VEX tournament earned them an invitation to a prestigious competition in the city of Texas, USA. Representing Azerbaijan on a global stage, the team showcased their ingenuity and technical expertise, leaving a lasting impression. The competition was so remarkable that it even found its place in the Guinness World Records, marking a historic moment for Azerbaijan in the realm of robotics.

The Robo-Force Team’s journey from local victories to global recognition is a testament to their talent, hard work, and dedication. As they continue to push the boundaries of innovation, their participation in the STEAM Azerbaijan Festival 2023 promises to be another milestone in their remarkable journey. The team’s success not only brings pride to Azerbaijan but also serves as an inspiration for aspiring young minds in the field of robotics.

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