From Bored Ape to Metafluence Star: Unlocking 3D Avatars and More

Exciting news for Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) fans: a new opportunity awaits in the dynamic world of Metafluence. Discover how you can transform your beloved Ape into a 3D avatar within the Metafluence platform.

Start your Metafluence journey with a quick, free registration process. Create your profile, then join our Discord community to apply for your exclusive PFP NFT Avatar. Once your avatar is ready, you can dive into the Metafluence world.

Explore various virtual spaces where communities, influencers, and innovative web3 projects come together. Connect with like-minded individuals, build your user profile, increase your ranking, collect badges, and expand your virtual inventory in this unique metaverse social network.

Claim your virtual residence in Metafluence — your Metahut. Personalize and curate your space to reflect your unique personality and interests. Host events like meetups, music parties, and presentations to engage with your followers and fellow Apes. Display your NFTs and collaborations in your NFT Gallery, and dive into virtual commerce by selling merchandise and launching fashion collections in your Shopping Room.

Expand your influence network within Metafluence. Organize and promote virtual events within the community, attracting followers from social media platforms. Foster meaningful connections and build a community around your passions.

Actively participate in Metafluence to earn $METO tokens, which form the foundation of the platform’s economic model. Use these tokens for various transactions within Metafluence. From referral bonuses to event ticket sales and the “Influence to Earn” Socialfi program, there are numerous ways to earn.

Metafluence is open to all PFP NFT collections, not just Bored Apes. Whether you hold Pudgy Penguins, Kid Called Beast, y00ts, or Bananas, Metafluence welcomes you. Together, we’ll push the boundaries of creativity and innovation, shaping the future of the metaverse.

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