Elma Aveiro at IRMAK LOUNGE! A Special Evening Awaits

IRMAK LOUNGE is set to host a truly special event. Elma Aveiro, the talented and elegant sister of world-renowned football star Cristiano Ronaldo, will be meeting with guests. Join IRMAK LOUNGE on June 23, 2024, for an unforgettable evening.

Elma Aveiro is known not only for being Cristiano Ronaldo’s sister but also as a remarkable personality in her own right. With her success in the fashion world, social media influence, and charismatic presence, Elma continues to captivate her fans. This event offers a perfect opportunity to learn more about Elma’s life and career, meet her in person, and engage in a lively conversation.

At this special event, guests will have the chance to get up close and personal with Elma Aveiro. The evening will feature an intimate conversation, a Q&A session, and exclusive anecdotes from Elma’s career. Additionally, guests can listen to Elma’s tips on fashion and style and perhaps benefit from her personal advice.

IRMAK LOUNGE, located at 218-220 High Street North, is known for its delicious food, quality drinks, and comfortable setting. The venue will be perfectly prepared for this special night, providing the ideal atmosphere for guests to enjoy a delightful evening.

Since space is limited, it is recommended to make a reservation to attend the event. Reserving early will ensure a place at this unforgettable evening. Don’t miss this unique opportunity to meet Elma Aveiro and enjoy an enchanting evening at IRMAK LOUNGE.

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