Driving Technological Advancement: MAYSAM Awards 2024 Commences in Conjunction with Open Source Summit

In a bid to stimulate innovation and honor the remarkable achievements of creators within the realm of open-source software solutions, the Association of Coders proudly announces the commencement of the fourth edition of the.

The MAYSAM Awards 2024, an annual accolade initiated by the Programmers Association (PARMG), serves as a testament to the relentless pursuit of innovation and the widespread adoption of open-source software in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. This prestigious award underscores the pivotal role played by technical entities, individuals, and communities in driving technological advancement and fostering a culture of collaboration.

To vie for this esteemed recognition, aspiring candidates are invited to register now through the designated platform, showcasing their groundbreaking contributions to the open-source landscape.

The announcement coincides with the upcoming “Open Source Summit 2024,” an eagerly anticipated annual conference organized jointly by the Programmer’s Association (Parmg) and Plexus Global. Scheduled to unfold on February 21, 2024, at the esteemed venue of “The Garage” in Riyadh, this summit stands as a beacon of innovation, providing a conducive platform for showcasing groundbreaking ideas, dismantling barriers, and nurturing community engagement in open-source systems.

Distinguished by a lineup of esteemed speakers, including industry luminaries and government officials such as Abdulaziz Al-Areij, President of Parmg, and Fahad Alderaibi, Director of the Cyber Security Operations Center, the summit is poised to galvanize efforts towards accelerating digital transformation and fostering digital innovation within the Kingdom. Attendees can anticipate a rich tapestry of keynotes, interactive discussions, technical workshops, networking opportunities, awards ceremonies, and a riveting code-testing challenge.

Notably, against the backdrop of the Saudi government’s substantial investment in open-source technology, this summit assumes paramount importance in propelling Saudi Arabia’s open-source ecosystem towards unprecedented growth and development.

In a strategic partnership, Mediamark Digital lends its support as the media partner of the event, amplifying the reach and impact of the Saudi Open Source Summit 2024, thus catalyzing broader participation and engagement within the open-source community.

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