Driving Saudi Arabia’s Tech Evolution: Open Source Summit 2024

The “Open Source Summit 2024” is an annual conference organized by the Programmer’s Association (Parmg) and Plexus Global, set to take place on February 21, 2024, at “The Garage” in Riyadh. This event serves as a platform for showcasing innovative ideas, removing obstacles, and fostering community engagement in open-source systems.

Key speakers include industry leaders and government officials such as Abdulaziz Al-Areij (Parmg President) and Fahad Alderaibi (Director of Cyber Security Operations Center). The summit aims to accelerate digital transformation, boost the IT market, create high-quality jobs, and promote digital innovation.

Attendees can expect keynotes, interactive discussions, technical workshops, networking opportunities, awards ceremonies, and a code-testing challenge. With the Saudi government’s significant investment in open-source technology, this summit is crucial for propelling Saudi Arabia’s open-source ecosystem forward.

Mediamark Digital is the media partner of the event, further amplifying the reach and impact of the Saudi Open Source Summit 2024.

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