Hosts Free Webinar and Workshop for Startup Founders: Mastering the 5-Minute Pitch with Seymur Rasulov

New York, NY. Novemver 5, 2023 / Mediamark Digital /, a leading software engineering company dedicated to elevating software excellence with AI-driven solutions and supporting entrepreneurship, is proud to present an exclusive opportunity for startup founders. The company is hosting a complimentary webinar and workshop titled “Mastering the 5-Minute Pitch: Design to WOW,” featuring industry expert Seymur Rasulov. The event is scheduled for November 22, 2023.

What Attendees Will Learn:

The webinar and workshop aim to empower startup founders with comprehensive skills to perfect their 5-minute pitches. Participants will gain practical insights and hands-on guidance, ensuring compelling, concise, and impactful delivery to potential investors and stakeholders. The session promises real discussions and interactive activities to refine and elevate the quality of pitches, enabling participants to captivate their audience in a brief duration.

About the Instructor:

Seymur Rasulov, the CEO of Whelp and Olpay, brings a wealth of experience in SaaS, fintech, and fundraising to the table. With a track record of securing over $1.5 million in funding and establishing global partnerships, Seymur is renowned for his expertise in Conversational AI. His pioneering initiatives have transformed customer journeys and payment sectors through cutting-edge technology.

How to Register:

To secure a spot in this exclusive event and gain invaluable insights into mastering the 5-minute pitch, interested participants can register on our website:

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