Chocolates, Mandarins, and Creativity: Orkhan Karimov’s Recipe for Captivating Imagery

Baku, Azerbaijan. January 13, 2024 – Mediamark Digital

In an age dominated by the relentless march of artificial intelligence (AI), the boundaries of human creativity and innovation are continually reshaped. Orkhan Karimov, the visionary founder of Endorphin Agency, shared a unique moment of inspiration that struck him while indulging in a simple pleasure – watching a film with mandarins and chocolates on the table. In a whimsical turn of thought, he mused, “What if a tangerine and chocolate were to wed?” This intriguing prompt led to a fascinating creation in the world of AI art known as “DALL·E.”

The resulting image, titled “Wedding of Tangerine and Chocolate,” prompts us to wonder: isn’t it truly marvelous?

Karimov believes that if a chocolate brand were to launch a new product featuring mandarins in such a creative manner, it would undoubtedly captivate our attention and stand out on billboards.

He emphasizes the power of words in the hands of creative individuals. Drawing inspiration from William Bernbach, one of the creative minds behind Doyle Dane Bernbach (DDB), Karimov points out how the collaborative efforts of copywriters and designers at DDB laid the foundation for the creative department model widely used in advertising agencies today.

Unlike the traditional model, where creativity often rests on the shoulders of copywriters, leaving designers to complement their work visually, times have changed. Although the Bernbach teacher model may not be as prevalent, the essence of creative work will persist. Yet, it’s crucial to remember that the era of mediocre creativity is fading away.

Karimov predicts that artificial intelligence will take over routine tasks, leaving strategic thinkers and those showcasing unique creative examples in high demand. The value of the human touch will become more apparent, reminding everyone that not everyone is cut out for this evolving landscape.

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