Azerbaijani Students Achieve Historic Victory at VIII “InfO(1)Cup” Programming Competition

In the dynamic realm of competitive programming, Azerbaijani students have recently made significant strides on the global stage. From February 9-18, the VIII online programming competition known as the “InfO(1)Cup” unfolded in Romania, drawing participants from 135 countries. Among them, Azerbaijani schoolchildren showcased remarkable talent, securing both gold and bronze medals. The spotlight shines brightly […]

Skyrocketing Success: PR to SKY’s Premier Advertising Solutions

PR to SKY, a leading PR brand under the Mediamark Digital family, announces a significant expansion of its database, empowering clients with unparalleled advertising opportunities across various platforms. The platform’s recent update boasts an extensive database, now facilitating global advertising placements on 271,000 websites, 62,000 monitors, and 1606 journals. This expansion marks a substantial enhancement […]

Beyond Boundaries: Pixon Animation Studio’s Impact on the Global Animation Landscape

In the ever-evolving realm of animation, Pixon Animation Studio emerges as a dominant force, captivating viewers with its distinctive fusion of 3D and 2D animations. Offering a diverse range of animation services, the studio excels in crafting compelling promotional videos, mesmerizing intro sequences, and intriguing commercial teasers. Renowned for its dedication to pushing creative boundaries, […]