Business Partners Club (BPC) Team Aims to Establish Global Business Connections at Makkah Halal Forum

Makkah, S. Arabia. January 8, 2024 – Mediamark Digital

The International Business Partners Club (BPC) will participate in the Makkah Halal Forum on January 23-25, 2023. Gulpari Bayramova, the Founder of BPC, emphasized that this event will provide a significant opportunity.

The Makkah Halal Forum is a 3-day event that marks a new era in Halal Events worldwide. This unique event, to be held in the strategically located Makkah in Saudi Arabia, brings together participants and speakers from various geographies worldwide.

Spanning the 5350 square meters of exhibition space at the Makkah International Convention Center, the Forum will provide valuable insights, knowledge-sharing, and inspiring discussions on various topics related to the diverse Halal industry, including:

1- Food and beverage.
2- Cosmetics and personal care.
3- Finance and insurance.
4- Tourism.
5- Entrepreneurship.
6- Logistics.
7- Artificial Intelligence technologies.
8- Pharmaceuticals and Healthcare.

Gulpari Bayramova, a visionary businesswoman from Azerbaijan, is the founder and CEO of “Agromix,” a thriving agriculture company. She is recognized as the “Successful Entrepreneur of 2022” in Azerbaijan. Beyond her business skills, Gulpari is known for her commitment to philanthropy and her efforts to connect Azerbaijani businesspeople with global markets.

Gulpari Bayramova’s ambitions extend far beyond the borders of Azerbaijan. She envisions a world where Azerbaijani businesses have a global presence. To achieve this goal, she founded the “International Business Partners Club (BPC),” a platform designed to foster connections between Azerbaijani businesspeople and international markets. Through BPC, Gulpari aims to facilitate trade, collaboration, and investment opportunities that can drive economic growth and innovation. The BPC team will continue to establish business connections at the Makkah Halal Forum.

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