Blessd announced his new album ‘Si Sabe’ with Ronaldinho

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. January 4, 2024 – Mediamark Digital

Stiven Mesa Londoño, recognized by his stage name Blessd in the world of artistry, has rapidly ascended as a prominent figure in the global Colombian urban music scene. With notable collaborations alongside genre giants like Maluma, ‘Bendito’ has successfully established his name among the elite in urban music.

Blessd has officially declared the launch date of his much-anticipated album titled ‘Si Sabe,’ featuring none other than the renowned former soccer sensation, Ronaldinho. Having already made a mark with hits such as ‘Quien TV,’ ‘Lejanía,’ and ‘Ojitos Rojos’ across major music platforms, the artist aims to kick off 2024 by treating his millions of fans to a comprehensive album filled with surprises.

On January 4, Blessd shared a captivating video, seemingly set in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Joined by the iconic Brazilian soccer legend Ronaldinho, the artist excitedly revealed that his upcoming album is scheduled for release on January 25, titled ‘If You Know.’

The video showcases the paisa engaging in a friendly soccer video game, challenging Ronaldinho to a virtual match, in which the former footballer emerges victorious. Undeterred, Blessd concedes defeat and shifts the focus to his true expertise – making music.

Seizing the moment, Blessd encourages Ronaldinho to don headphones, providing him with a sneak peek of his upcoming album. To the delight of fans, the artist discloses a collaboration with fellow paisa artist Salomón Villada Hoyos, better known as Feid.

The highly-anticipated collaboration between Blessd and Feid, titled ‘Si Sab Ferxxo,’ is revealed in the video, offering a brief preview of the song where both artists showcase their vocal prowess. The snippet has undoubtedly stirred excitement among their followers, with fans expressing eagerness in the comments to experience the entire ‘Bendito’ album at the earliest opportunity.

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