Bayazid Malikov and Eduardo Schuch’s Tailbox Raises $1.5M to Revolutionize Travel Exploration

New York, NY. September 13, 2023 / Mediamark Digital /

In a world where travel is becoming increasingly popular, the need for authentic and unique experiences has never been more significant. Bayazid Malikov and Eduardo Schuch, co-founders of Tailbox, are on a mission to redefine the way we explore the world. With their recent success in securing a $1.5 million funding round from Link Ventures, Tailbox is poised to transform the travel industry.

Five months ago, Bayazid Malikov excitedly shared the news of Tailbox’s inception on LinkedIn. He introduced Tailbox as a location-based social network application designed for travelers and explorers who seek more than just the typical tourist attractions. The application utilizes AI-generated content and crowdsourced information to provide tailored recommendations and connect a community of adventurers ready to uncover the hidden gems of each destination.

Tailbox’s core objective is to optimize travel planning by harnessing the power of Generative Artificial Intelligence. By doing so, it aims to elevate every traveler’s experience, enabling them to delve deeper into the places they visit, whether it’s exploring history, indulging in local cuisine, admiring architecture, or immersing themselves in local folklore.

What sets Tailbox apart from other travel apps is its commitment to highlighting lesser-known sites and attractions. While mainstream travel platforms often focus on popular destinations, Tailbox’s AI-powered system prioritizes those hidden gems that often go unnoticed. This approach allows travelers to create more enriching and memorable journeys, fostering a sense of connection with the places they visit.

Bayazid Malikov and Eduardo Schuch’s dedication to revolutionizing travel exploration didn’t go unnoticed. Their start-up, Tailbox, recently graduated from the prestigious delta v Accelerator program, offered by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). This accomplishment showcases the innovative potential of their venture and underscores their commitment to making a lasting impact on the travel industry.

The $1.5 million investment from Link Ventures is a significant milestone for Tailbox. This injection of funds will be instrumental in further developing the platform and expanding its capabilities. With this support, Tailbox can continue to refine its AI-driven travel planning services and introduce new features that will make exploration even more immersive and engaging for users. Source:

Bayazid Malikov and Eduardo Schuch’s journey with Tailbox is a testament to their passion for travel and exploration. They have created a platform that not only inspires wanderlust but also empowers travelers to embark on journeys filled with unique, personalized experiences. Tailbox represents a new era in travel, where AI technology and community-driven recommendations come together to unlock the full potential of every adventure.

As Bayazid Malikov and Eduardo Schuch invite travelers and explorers to join them on this exciting journey, we can only anticipate the incredible transformations Tailbox will bring to the world of travel. With its AI-driven insights and a growing community of adventurous souls, Tailbox promises to be the go-to platform for those seeking authentic and immersive travel experiences.

To stay updated on Tailbox’s developments and be a part of this travel revolution, follow their LinkedIn page and sign up for the waitlist at The world is vast, and with Tailbox, your next adventure is just waiting to be discovered.

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