Baku ID’24 Innovation Festival: Empowering Women in Technology

Baku, Azerbaijan. 22 June, 2024-Mediamark Digital

For several years now, there has been a significant increase in the number of women entrepreneurs in the technology ecosystem. However, the amount of funding given to women-led startup teams is still significantly lower than that given to men. Therefore, since 2022, the Baku ID Innovation Festival has been committed to focusing on women and giving them the visibility and recognition they deserve. As a result, the festival provides opportunities for startups founded by women to present at the event.

As part of the Baku ID’24 Innovation Festival, Ayumi Moore Aoki, founder and CEO of “Women in Tech Global,” will be a speaker at Baku ID. On June 27-28, innovation enthusiasts at Baku ID will be inspired by Ayumi Moore Aoki as she discusses the role of women in technology.

She will share her insights on the strategy behind the world’s leading organization for inclusivity, diversity, and equality in STEAM during a panel session titled “ShEconomis: The Butterfly Effects of Gender Lens Investing.” Attendees will learn about her mission to close the gender gap and empower women to master and excel in technology.

This year at Baku ID, women entrepreneurs will compete for a prize worth $1,000,000.

Some of the selected women-led startups include:

  1. iCheck – A digital family doctor app. It allows users to select the part of their body that is troubling them, log their symptoms, and identify the most likely causes of their problem. Additionally, it provides recommendations such as blood tests and information about doctors who can help. Users can even schedule online or offline appointments and obtain prescriptions within the app.
  2. WalkWIn – This app converts users’ steps into coins, giving them access to bonuses and privileges from markets. Users can also participate in walking competitions to earn exclusive rewards.
  3. CanScreen – An AI application that conducts quick interviews with job applicants, reducing the workload of human resources departments. While typically only 10 interviews can be conducted in a day, CanScreen can increase this number to 1,000.

Baku ID accelerates innovation by bringing together startups, tech leaders, large companies, and investors addressing the world’s biggest challenges. Every year, Baku ID creates the largest technology and startup event in the Caucasus, Central Asia, and MENA regions over two exciting days in Baku. Attendees are invited to join Baku ID, where business meets innovation.

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