Azerbaijani Diaspora Members From Five Continents Celebrated Global Unity and Solidarity in the “Let’s be United!” Virtual Conference

Azerbaijani diaspora members Celebrated Global Unity and Solidarity in “Let’s be united!” Virtual Conference. The head of the Azerbaijani American Community of Florida proudly highlighted the success of the international video conference, with around 700 participants representing 77 countries. The event brought together members of the Turkish diaspora and friends of Azerbaijan, extending congratulations to compatriots in Azerbaijan.

Esmira Bayramova, President of the Azerbaijani American Community of Florida, expressed her excitement about the diverse participation, stating, “These events play a crucial role in uniting our compatriots worldwide. It’s heartening to see the global Azerbaijani community come together to celebrate our shared heritage.”

The virtual conference spotlighted the successful initiatives of the Azerbaijani American Community of Florida over the past year. Noteworthy achievements included artist Han Beyli’s “Songs of the Motherland” concert and the active involvement of prominent scientists and specialists from Florida in the International Astronautical Congress IAC 2023 held in Azerbaijan, garnering special attention and acclaim from conference participants.

Esmira Bayramova conveyed her gratitude to the Diaspora committee for their recognition and for organizing impactful events annually. She stated, “I would like to express our sincere thanks to the committee of Diaspora, its chairman Fuad Muradov, for their unwavering commitment to bringing our compatriots together every year on Solidarity Day. These events strengthen our bonds and foster a sense of unity among Azerbaijanis across the globe. The Azerbaijani American Community of Florida remains dedicated to fostering connections, celebrating achievements, and promoting solidarity within the Azerbaijani diaspora.”

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